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Bitcoin casino
  Bitcoin casino is the casino where you play with the virtual currency bitcoin, BTC.  
  That's how it works
  Bitcoin has been around since 2008 and was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, though exactly who that person is actually unknown. How, then, how did this person create the software for the bitcoin and the P2P network that the bitcoin users together form.
  Many experts believe that the bitcoin xafs will explode in the near future. The benefits of bitcoin are many. First of all, the cost of bitcoin is equal to zero, as, with all other payments such as VISA, Mastercard and more, there is always a fee.
  In the case of bitcoin, there is no bank behind which must accept transfers and deposits - so the transactions with bitcoin take place at an eye-catch. If you pay with bitcoins instead, the currency is sent via bitcoin addresses in the form of a code of 27-34 characters. Perhaps it sounds awkward or strange but a fact that points to the fact that there is a bright future for bitcoin are that Dell Computers recently let customers pay with this currency. After that, PayPal, eBay, Virgin Galactic and Overstock have looked at.
Another thing that separates bitcoin from other currencies is the total freedom that BTC creates. Instead of being regulated by a xafs or a country, the truth is short and good: if you own a bitcoin, nobody can take it away from you. You are anonymous when you play and you can play everywhere without having to pay taxes on your winnings. At a casino that offers bitcoin, you do not need to provide either a name or social security number.Visit Site
At present, there are two different types of bitcoin casinos. There are those who only take bitcoin currency and thus you also play in bitcoin. Then there are those where you can put in bitcoin, but you can also deposit fiat money.

How to use bitcoin
The first thing you need to do if you want to use bitcoin is to get a wallet for the currency. The Multibit app is supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux. After you have purchased the wallet you must go to a bitcoin exchange to buy the currency. Stock exchanges for Swedish users are, for example, kapiton.se and fybse.se. Keep in mind choosing stock exchanges because, as with everything else, there are more serious stock exchanges than others - the disadvantage (or the advantage depending on what you see) with bitcoin is that there is no authority that oversees these exchanges. Once you have bitcoins in your wallet, just start playing at any casino that offers bitcoins. Vera & John was the first casino to use bitcoin but no longer does it, however, the casino has said they are planning to start using the currency again. Casinos currently accepting bitcoin include FortuneJack Casino , BitCasino.io, Betcoin Casino, Cloudbet, Bitstarz and Megawins Casino.

  How much is a Bitcoin worth? Many people wonder, of course, what a Bitcoin is worth and the answer to this question is not quite easy to answer as the value of this cyber currency varies from day to day. In mid-November, the value of a Bitcoin was worth more than 10,000 USD Game Among the games that offer bitcoin, you will find most common games. Several slot machines have bitcoin and there you can find both regular jackpot games but also those with progressive jackpots. Many major game developers have also discovered bitcoin, some of them include Playtech, Microgaming, and Net Entertainment. With that said, you can count on running some of your absolute favorite games.
  The main advantages of this are Bitcoin credibility and anonymity.
There is something called "Provably fair system" that has been created to increase the credibility of bitcoin. This means that you must enter the game's ID code, thus verifying if you got the right odds. You can say that it means that everyone bitcoin transactions are stored in "blocks" and when analyzed, creating a 100% basis simply compares whether the deal is good or not. Keep in mind if you plan to start playing with bitcoin: some of the biggest game developers use bitcoin. These providers would most likely not offer the currency if it was not sure or good, companies like Net Entertainment have a big reputation to live up to and they would not invest in anything that is half or less credible. Last but not least: read about bitcoin! If you understand bitcoin, your chances are increasing. so enjoy your bitcoin now.Play
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