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How to get rid of bitcoins


Bitcoin is a virtual (cryptographic) currency. It is created by means of a computer network and resulted in complex mathematical processes.

Simply put: America has a dollar, Europe - Euro, England - Sterling, China - Yuan and so on. The Internet has its own cryptographic currency - bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the currency of the future and its course since its creation (2008), despite the fact that its course fell to 17.61 dollars, most of the price of one bitcoin It ranged between 200-1400 dollars.

At the time of publication of this article, ie in January 2016, the course of bitcoin - 1 bitcoin - 440 dollars.

So how do you save bitcoins? We also note that there are several methods of doing this, with processor and video card mining, trading with bitcoin, and so on. However, these methods require a thorough knowledge and most importantly, it requires little capital.

The methods below do not require any effort and time. Explain easily and easily. These resources do not need to register (need only one), just enter your bitcoin-wallet address, confirm it, and the rest is automatically added, so that you have access to so-called "lanes" (even on the turned off computer).

Subsequently, these stickers automatically meet your Bitcoin wallet account once a week, from where you can easily transfer your eMoney.ge account to the bitcoin account.

There are plenty of bits of bits, wherein every hour or 5-10-20 minutes is required to enter "caps" (numbers, letters, or pictures) to collect bitcoins, but here are just the resources that are working on autopilot and "kapch" Only when you want more bits to move your balance (more then if the comp Uter throughout the day is already enabled).

You can collect referrals (with Facebook, forums, and various direct methods) which will increase your income much. Referral Links All services are located at the prominent spot. In order to see it and if necessary, you need to search and click the button to refer.

Below you can easily explain all the nuances that are needed for you.

Bitcoin account opening

So, first of all, it is necessary to open a bitcoin-wool on the resource www.Blockchain.info where you will automatically transfer your "leftovers" automatically once a week (weekend).

It's easy to do. You will enter this resource (link is given here or below) and first you select the desired language (in the upper right corner).

Then go to the link:

« Start a New Wallet « or « Create My Free Wallet » - in English

« Create a new wallet « ან « Create My Wallet for free » - .

Enter the active email address, password. Then click on the button « Continue » (in English) or « продолжить » (Russian) and you'll see the English text that you want to copy and save, because if you lose your password or need something else, you will definitely need it.

This is your bitcoin address. Then go to your wallet - « Wallet « (English) or « Kошелек » (in Russian), enter the password and press the button « Open Wallet « or « Otкрыть Kошелек ».

After that you will see your own bitcoin account number below the black, barcode code, which is about 4JyKAdxGrSDYJHUom4gdfh7sRE8mWNWSA

This is your bitcoin-wallet account number that you enter in the service listed below and will automatically transfer the bitcoins.



Bitcoin Wallet - How to Save Bitcoins - Blockchain.info


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Free Bitcoin  is completely different from the following services. You can catch the button and enter the "kapch" button once in a hour (you can turn on the sound signal that you will recognize that one hour has passed - Select - when sound is running out.

This site was entered in the list because it is very old, stable and reliable service, which can not only output Bitcoin "kapchis" by entering the lottery, and most importantly  with the game .

Besides, the service offers several times a day free lottery tickets that can be played on the day and you may have enough number of bits.

The purpose of the site work is simple. First of all you need registration - the first column - the email address, the second - the password, and the third - block account number opened on Blockchain.info.

Then click on  CLAIM YOUR FREE BTC NOW ! Enter "kapcha" (numbers, letters, or picture guessing). Press the ROLL button  !  And you will get your first biccino, which will move and appear on your balance (in the upper right corner).

After this you will need to calculate the time - 1 hour after the expiration of which you will repeat the same procedure.

Automatic payments are made on your bitcoin wallet every week when the balance will reach 0.00005480 BTC.

In order to turn on auto payments, at the top of the site you have three buttons: DEPOZIT, WITHDRAW and DONATE. Press the button WITHDRAW and select AUTO. If you want to get the whole accumulated amount.

But if you want to accumulate money and do not auto-save ( which is very important in the case of the game ) you will not set up AUTO but MANUAL. In this case you will see the box below where you want to show how much you want to withdraw.

In addition, the service has excellent digital type roll, which allows you to bet and win money.

Hereby we will offer you a bonus that will benefit you in all the options:

Click on the horizontal menu and enter the feature  MULTIPLY BTC . The gaming board will open where:

Minimum bet ( WIN PROFIT ) 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

/ 2  - bet reduction (splitting)

2X -  Increase the bet (doubling).

Do not touch the buttons  MIN  and  MAX  (minimum and maximum bet).

BET HI  or  BET LO  gambling keys.

Then the game begins. Indicate the bet 0.00000001 bitcoin (automatic set). Then click on one of the buttons in the game board -   BET HI  or  BET LO .

If you win it, you lose it.

If, for instance, press BET HI for a click and then you will be greened (ie win), press  BET LO. If you are still green - again press the button  BET HI . Ie alternately. Until you will not be rediscovered, you will not lose (at this time the bet does not change, 0.00000001).

But if you are scattered, or lose it - for example, when pressing BET HI, you start playing the pyramid principle. That means doubling the amount -  2X , if you lose another -  2X  and so before you do not get greener. (Note that in this case press the button only BET HI, where you lose). If you lose - BET LO, you do the same (ie double the bet before you win, only to hit BET LO)

When you become green, you will win (and it will really happen),  you are doing the command  - press the button / 2 and bid you up to 0.00000001  and continue playing the same principle. If you do not lose and do not double, you should always have 0.00000001.

You can do the same with 0.00000002 bets.

That's all if you have at least 5,000 seats (0.00005000 BTC) on the balance. Loss cycle usually can last 5-6 catches. Sometimes, but the losing cycle can last 12-14 catches. In this case you should be careful that you have to balance if you have to double the bet, otherwise you will lose all the money.

If you earn money on a balance sheet and it will be more than 50,000 items (0.00050000 BTC), in this case you can bet on the same principle to bet with 0.00000004, 0.00000008, 0.00000016 and more. The main thing is not to be tempted  and to calculate the balance of 12-14 loses. If it is 14 times left, you will not have a balance in the case of doubled bets, because at last you will get green and you will definitely win.

With this method you can freely earn 3-5 dollars per day. You can win much more, the main thing is to have a balance that you can make as big a bet.

From time to time, despite the high bid you still have to bid. Change it frequently. Sometimes, if you win, cut the bid and press the same button to lose a little bit. By doing this you have a chance to win the system and win more.

Do not forget to enter the "caffe" once (you collect the money on the balance). Sometimes you click on the advertisements. The system likes this because it earns revenue and fixes your transitions. Do not play one more than 5 minutes. Walk around, move your heart, do your job and then return to the game again.

Good luck!

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