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Jasmine offers a variety of flexible sightseeing tours of Shenzhen that can be tailored to your own personal liking - from the Shenzhen Ruins and Monuments Tour with a private driver and specialist tour guide to a private sightseeing tour of Shenzhen modern city Tour. Click this link to learn more:

Our skilled driver and English-speaking guide in Shenzhen will pick you up at your Shenzhen hotel and transfer you to the train station. The airport transfers above exclude the English speaking tour guide service; railway station transfers above include the English speaking tour guide service. Our chauffeur services include an airport, railway transfers, and ports transfer as well as private drivers to pick you up and drop you off at your various engagements. This price includes the transfer service with a private car and a driver who can speak a little English. We pride ourselves as the UNIQUE local travel agency that provides a secure, reliable and professional airport, train stations and cruise port transfer service, with a 24/7 customer service. A one-day tour of the city with a private limousine, driver, tour guide and a personal Photographer. For drivers which can't speak English during the trip/

call our helpline ASAP and our customer services staff will help to solve the language barrier problem within seconds. Therefore, if you're going on a trip to Shenzhen and you would like to get around in a quick, safe and comfortable manner, book one of our private drivers, a local and certified professional, and enjoy your trip to Shenzhen to the maximum.

The process of booking a driver in Shenzhen is simple: Choose the language in which you would like to receive the service, the duration, the date, the city and pay the booking deposit. You can book a driver service in Shenzhen for the hours or days that you like, and whose credentials have been previously validated by TripAdvisor. Click this link to learn more

Our 4-day FreeStyle Travel package includes a choice of fine hotels, daily breakfast, city sightseeing and airport transfers via the convenient Airport Limousine Bus. We include all on-tour transportation, 3 nights at the luxury Shangri-La Hotel and complete sightseeing with your own private car, driver and guide. Shenzhen Car Rental Service experienced drivers are ready to bring you the best of what is available on that night in the big cities like Shenzhen Beijing Shenzhen and  Guangzhou. Call us for a ride to the beautiful night bund in Shenzhen, exciting bars in Shenzhen and an impressive show in Beijing or Hangzhou .Click this link to learn more


Provably Fair Algorithm

Security and fair gaming are an additional advantages that blockchain technology brings to the bitcoin gaming experience,The Provably Fair  Algorithm is used by online gambling operators as a transparent Random Number Generator, The alogrithm is used to verify that Each hand played in the casino can be tested objectivly by the user.
Provably Fair Algorithm ensures the randomness of the outcome and that the hand has not tampered.  
For multi-player games, it  is more complicated due to the fact that the provider might provide inside information about the state of the game. currently offers single-player video poker and single-player blackjack that are provably fair, experts claim that fair multi-player games will be offered in the future. Undoubtedly, it is the best way to determine if a casino’s games are fair and that you’re not cheated. Besides that, each bet can be verified when the next the wager is completed. There is no such method like this to quickly determine the fairness of non-provably fair casinos or brick n’ mortar live options.

The provably fair system has become a bitcoin gambling standard, but not all people really understand what it implies. You can study about it here.

Some casino sites that claim to be Bitcoin casino provably fair and are recommended by experts include the following: FortuneJack, SatoshiBet, 7bit Casino, BitStarz, Casino Betchan, Limoplay, and BitcoinPenguin among many others. 
With a basic understanding of the provably fair system, you can calculate it by yourself. However Since an average player makes hundreds or even thousands of bets, it is not simple to do verify each hand manually. Therefore it is recommended to use a provably fair verifier. In order to verify the fairness, You only have to provide the seeds and the hash number and the verifier will check the server seed hash and the software will provide you a detailed report of your game history  . you can study about it here.




The Window of the World Park in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Windows Of The World 

 Last spring I visited Shenzhen for a business trip, and to see the sites in and around Shenzhen. I had both productive visit and also good time.
  the trip was successful due to three main reasons:

1. We hired a Shenzhen translator for the entire visit.  

2. We also hired a car with driver for the entire visit.

3. We stayed in  a 5 stars hotel.


For most people, Shenzhen’s the highlight of the shopping experience is to be found in amazing wholesale xafss, packed with goods, designer clothing, and consumer electronics.  

 with ticket prices below USD 20, 'Windows of the World' offers Except of the minotaur landmarks replicas, you will find also a Disney's simulator cinema 'Soarin', 3D cinema.
During the various holidays, Windows of the World puts on special events. They annually hold the Cherry Festival and the Indian Cultural Week. They also run special programs during school holidays in the summer, the Chinese National Day and Christmas. Events include an International Beer Festival, a Christmas Festival, a Pop Music Festival and of course the traditional Chinese Spring Festival

There are dozens of performances that show you cultures from all over the world at different spots in Window of the World every day, like dances, musicals, parades. The Windows of The World website has the show schedule.

The park also brings different environments to the subtropical climate of southeastern China, including a reproduction of Niagara falls and a massive, climate-controlled indoor ski center, reminiscent of that of Dubai. It also hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, with a diverse range of themes such as Indian, Japanese, beer, and Christmess.


If you want to have a good time, you check out this this Shenzhen Private Tour Guide



CFD is a leveraged ‘derivative’ financial instrument. CFDs are considered as derivatives since their value is derived from the value of an underlying asset . The underlying asset can be, a share, commodity,currency, financial index or cryptocurrency.

When traders trade CFDs,they speculate on the change in value of the underlying asset over time. CFD trading is essentially betting on whether the value of an underlying asset is going to rise or fall in the future compared to the price at the time  the contract was executed.

You can Try This method of investment by opening a demo cfd trading account 

you can find extra resources and opinions here.

All top CFD brokers enable their customers trade both ‘long’ and ‘short’. ‘Going long’ means buying a CFD in the expectation that the underlying asset will rise in value. ‘Going short’ means selling a CFD with the expectation that the underlying asset will drop in value.

Trading CFDs enables traders to speculate on shares, currencies, commodities and other assets while only putting up a fraction of the positions value.

go to the Full Pdex Trading Guide.

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